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Hustled against one of the south's favourite beach spots to relax, the Salty Dog serves up the best seaside lunch menu, with stunning beachfront views out across the river Derwent. 
Words & photography by Kylie Bell
Salty Dog Kingston (IMG_9465) Watermarked (Photo credit - Kylie Bell)-min.jpg

The Salty Dog, Kingston Beach. Tasmania Photo by Kylie Bell

It was two weeks ago, over an afternoon coffee and perhaps one of the best chicken caesar salads and squid as a side, that had the Salty Dog in the forefront of my mind over the following days. I glanced outside the beachfront windows, watching the kayaks, walkers, runners, and coffee-hunting locals enjoy the charm of Kingston Beach and the beachfront cafes, bars, and sand outside. There’s an energy here. I too often feel it's like Tassie’s mini-version of Bondi, close to the charming port city of Hobart, but processing the charm of a relaxed, hip place to be; tucked inside the sandstone-line cove and vistas across the river Derwent.

Salty Dog Kingston (IMG_9463) Watermarked (Photo credit - Kylie Bell)-min.jpg

I still find myself amazed at how this area has grown and been moulded into a weekend destination for families, friends, and visitors. It’s the Australian way, to watch on as the kids dig holes or aspire to sand castles, the dogs walk their best friends, or lounge under the natives with a coffee at hand, great food, and good company. It creates a kind of hum to a place, or energy, that draws you back to those happy, summery days. 

Salty Dog Kingston (IMG_9434) Watermarked (Photo credit - Kylie Bell)-min.jpg

I smile, as my food arrives. Ceaser Salad and squid…. It was just too good not to taste again. I’m a foodie and love to explore the menu on differentiating occasions, but I knew that if I didn’t pick it again, I would only find myself back again, tucked in at the table, coffee at hand to help sate the hunger; no doubt I will be back anyway. 


Perhaps, I wonder, if that was the inspiration for the name. A beachfront venue, with its white interior and beach vista interior, serving up such delish food and drink, that’s like that salty taste, that brings you back for more.

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